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How and Net Neutrality against each other ?

World is full of high competitors and it is a good thing, It pushes us do our best and that's the only reason behind every successful event happens into this world. If we're talking about the recently smoking off years contains a dramatically Advance in "COMPETITORS" and the current most expulsive competitions between some Highest Technological Giants, We can't ignore the MARK ZUKERBERG'S-"" and PEOPLE'S- "Net Neutrality"

And so here we are digging out the whole issue that contains some of our answers of the questions regarding " vs Net neutrality".

We are living in the world, where nothing escapes. and everyone in India knows about the Net Neutrality. Every second person talking about saving the internet in terms of net neutrality. likewise on social networking sites, blogging sites (including mine), youtube, debates, tea&coffee talks, everywhere. And like we observed it most selective trending topics of 2015 after any of other top most topics in the world. And if you are also reading this article, you are well aware about and Net Neutrality. And if you really confused between both of these topic, then lets find out which side We Are On?

Lets find Out first What is Net Neutrality-?

We can also call it network neutrality, Internet Neutrality or Net Equality. It works on the principle of internet service providers and also the government of respective country should treat all the data on the internet in the same way, apart from charging of discriminating by the user, site, platform , Application, content, any type of attached files or equipment. The term of Net Neutrality was first explained by Columbia University media Law Professor TIM WU in 2003.

In simple words Net Neutrality means an Internet that evokes and protects free speech. it means no restrictions against any content or applications that basically run through the internet.

And What if it is Not Implemented -?

Without Net Neutrality, cable and phone companies can switch the Internet into Fast and Slow lanes. An Internet service Providers (ISP) could push or slow down its Competitors contents and restrict political opinions it disagreed with. They can charge extra fee to the those companies that could afford to pay preferential treatment means relating everyone to the slower pack of service. And that could possess harm or even destroy the Open Internet.

Now Lets find Out What is

By Facebook the explanation of is -

This is what that Mark Zukerberg says about the"" above.

Lets talk about it in our terms, We say it is very creative thinking or idea, They're going to give free internet to us, A free access to the world to those who are not able to access to it. And after that everyone firstly having a free "FACEBOOK" account. He/She will have access to the jobs, world news, creating awareness,services, applications, dictionaries, weather news and many other services which basically relates to the by Facebook.

And the Exact Definition of by Wikipedia is- is a partnership between social network services company Facebook and six other companies (Samsung, Ericsson, MediaTek, Opera software, Nokia and Qualcomm) that plans to bring affordable access to selected internet services to less developed countries by increasing efficiency, and facilitating the development of new business models around the provisions of internet access.

Is And Net neutrality against each other-?

Well that's a Big and Serious question. We can not say that they are really stands between each other, But we can evaluate it by knowing the whole scenario. If we talk about the supporters then is really plays a smart work in this section. We all are aware from the news that Reliance telecom is providing free internet because they're having a deal with the and then provides free internet, specially facebook as the same as Mark Zukerberg says. And if you ask Opinionically, Reliance having the worst internet packs in terms of rates and also the connectivity, Lets predict what if they improve their level of service, They're still supporting the league. And as we all know that competitions level between these background reaches at the level where every other telecom company tries to get in the same league and shaking hands with And as we know War of charges for using the internet pack is at its peak, whatever it is about 2G, 3G or 4G.

And Apart from that, Mark Zukerberg who is the founder of Facebook and also the owner of Whatsapp and Instagram, which are most used social apps/ networks all over the world. Facebook alone having 1.3 billion monthly active users. And now after the term of everything goes nothing but in Mark's pocket. And these exponential shows that started for a cause. And the Net neutrality completely opposes by the However we are wrong or right it depends on which side we are actually.

Talk about net neutrality, The father of Internet-"Tim Burners" also supports it. After all Internet was invented to give equal opportunities to everyone and that's the reason Net neutrality is important to everyone.

I hope this article explains why Net Neutrality is important and why is not. Without it, rich-getting-richer-and-poor-getting-poorer situation will get seeded in the service industry. Major giants will rule the industry and eat away the tiny yet quality mice.

Although people having their own thoughts and also their own opinions. So if any of the quarries or suggestions are there, Then we are here for you always.  And if you like this article than share it as much as possible Thank you.

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