Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Here's the answer of why people don't Stick to their own set Targets...!

Hello friends , today i am here to tell you that why most of the people are unable to set their own "GOALS" in life and becomes the most disappointing person  in front of their own. before telling all the reasons behind it firstly i also revel that why i am here and writing this post and why you are here and reading this post. i am a boy who's facing the same problem after my graduation. and having no idea what to do next. and if we talk about peoples around us they are having various advising penal with them, and when you met with these kind of people they will throw all their expertise gems towards you, and that time you having no other options to avoid to giving all your ears to them.
and then all of sudden we have to clear the way first on which we want to travel.
Apart from that once i decided to do the thing that i want , its like once i went for job hunting ...hired myself and never look back..!
So lets find out and kill those elements which makes you to push back towards your goals.

1. Living in the past.- First of all you have to overcome from your past. seriously its gone friends                                            why being so serious with your past. its over, fuck all, and let there be a new life.

2. Low self confidence - Create a new you , create a new confidence inside yourself  predict the best                                           and extract the rest is still the best. no one can achieve what you are specifically to be.

3. Fearful of failure.- Dont fear of your failure as someone said very well if you want to increase your success rate double your failure rate.

4. Pesimistical approach - Be just opposite of it, be Optimistic. it will create good vibes around you.

5. NO visions NO imaginations- Imagination is the most powerful weapon that makes people stronger and stronger each time they imagine themselves positively..

6. Avoid new opportunities- Catch and read every opportunities around you and remember one thing opportunities never ends.

7. Fear of taking any responsibilities.- Take responsibilities it will make you more stronger from inner and outer. and never be afraid of confessing it.

8. Hate yourself.- Do just opposite, once you started loving yourself you will begin to know what you are capable of.


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