Monday, 9 November 2015

Apple Pencil - A Stylus with an Incredible Design and Technology

APPLE, as we all are aware about what is that name, that Corporation, Their Products and also Who is behind it, off course its Steve jobs. but after Steve Jobs. Apple doesn't roll back from their products and their productivity. Everyone Across the world wants an Iphone in his/her hand or its each products. Well, to creating that kind of situation, Apple has done an Outstanding job from the productivity to the Marketing. And still they were Launching Product which are Taking the Technology to the next level. and The Apple Pencil is now one of the greatest Technology by Apple is going in to the air soon. And that's why here we are to tell you about the Apple pencil. And before we go i recommend you to firstly watch the commercial of the Apple Pencil by Apple, from the given link below.

After watching above video we will tell you that what are the major advantages and disadvantages of the Apple Pencil. As we aware about that before the Apple Pencil there are numerous Stylus who will definitely compete the Apple Pencil. But we also aware of that the Apple pencil probably contains some more of the beyond technology that no one any can have till now.

Here are 10 Things that you Should Know About the Apple pencil.

1. Design Simplicity - Apple very well known for its simplicity. And the Apple pencil truly Shows that what the simplicity is all about. The Design of Apple Pencil is created by the Chief Designer Executive of Apple "Jonathan Eve" as the Steve jobs said about him that he is the Soul designer of the Apple Company, Then Surely He gives a really Great effort of creating the Apple Pencil.

2. Compatibility -Compatibility of Apple Pencil is can be a issue, Apple Pencil Only Supported by iOS 8 or above. then off course there are apple pre-installed applications like Notes and Mail, which will have Apple Pencil support comes under iOS 9. it's another considerable advantage isn't it.

3. Sensitivity - looks like the Apple Pencil having some unmatched sensitivity as we seen in the video. The Ability to sense the multiple layers of pressure which automatically sense that how much pressure is applied by the user to recognize the same input, as well as the angle and the orientation of the pencil. It promises to provide almost same experience like textural, sketching, coloring etc. The pencil that also allows you to use your finger to effect the screen at the same time.

4.  Easy Charging - Apple Has also done a nice job into this section. On the bottom of the pencil there is removable cap, and after removing the cap we will find the charging unit of the pencil. from where it can also connect to the it s compatible device. According to the Apple the Full charging of the Apple Pencil lasts long upto the 12 Hours. which is definitely count as a Plus point. It is also having a quick charging technology.

5. Slippery Design - Apart from the Unmatched technology used in the Apple pencil. a slight disadvantage of apple pencil is the slippery design. It is very difficult to hold the pencil for a long time as it is having slippery surface. And also it is very big task for those who having problem of producing continuous sweat into their hand. Well we wish best of luck to those people for the same.

6.  Limited iPad Support - Apple Pencil is considered to having Limited iPad support. Although it also known that it will only supported by the iPad pro or its Above Apple Products.

7.  Price - Price of the Apple pencil is considered to be $99 (U.S. dollar) and in t 6514.20 Indian Rupee which quite higher according to Indian aspects. But still as we know that it is worthy in buying because of Technological Advance and Quality used in the Apple Pencil.

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