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How and Net Neutrality against each other ?

World is full of high competitors and it is a good thing, It pushes us do our best and that's the only reason behind every successful event happens into this world. If we're talking about the recently smoking off years contains a dramatically Advance in "COMPETITORS" and the current most expulsive competitions between some Highest Technological Giants, We can't ignore the MARK ZUKERBERG'S-"" and PEOPLE'S- "Net Neutrality"

And so here we are digging out the whole issue that contains some of our answers of the questions regarding " vs Net neutrality".

We are living in the world, where nothing escapes. and everyone in India knows about the Net Neutrality. Every second person talking about saving the internet in terms of net neutrality. likewise on social networking sites, blogging sites (including mine), youtube, debates, tea&coffee talks, everywhere. And like we observed it most selective trending topics of 2015 after any of other top most topics in the world. And if you are also reading this article, you are well aware about and Net Neutrality. And if you really confused between both of these topic, then lets find out which side We Are On?

Lets find Out first What is Net Neutrality-?

We can also call it network neutrality, Internet Neutrality or Net Equality. It works on the principle of internet service providers and also the government of respective country should treat all the data on the internet in the same way, apart from charging of discriminating by the user, site, platform , Application, content, any type of attached files or equipment. The term of Net Neutrality was first explained by Columbia University media Law Professor TIM WU in 2003.

In simple words Net Neutrality means an Internet that evokes and protects free speech. it means no restrictions against any content or applications that basically run through the internet.

And What if it is Not Implemented -?

Without Net Neutrality, cable and phone companies can switch the Internet into Fast and Slow lanes. An Internet service Providers (ISP) could push or slow down its Competitors contents and restrict political opinions it disagreed with. They can charge extra fee to the those companies that could afford to pay preferential treatment means relating everyone to the slower pack of service. And that could possess harm or even destroy the Open Internet.

Now Lets find Out What is

By Facebook the explanation of is -

This is what that Mark Zukerberg says about the"" above.

Lets talk about it in our terms, We say it is very creative thinking or idea, They're going to give free internet to us, A free access to the world to those who are not able to access to it. And after that everyone firstly having a free "FACEBOOK" account. He/She will have access to the jobs, world news, creating awareness,services, applications, dictionaries, weather news and many other services which basically relates to the by Facebook.

And the Exact Definition of by Wikipedia is- is a partnership between social network services company Facebook and six other companies (Samsung, Ericsson, MediaTek, Opera software, Nokia and Qualcomm) that plans to bring affordable access to selected internet services to less developed countries by increasing efficiency, and facilitating the development of new business models around the provisions of internet access.

Is And Net neutrality against each other-?

Well that's a Big and Serious question. We can not say that they are really stands between each other, But we can evaluate it by knowing the whole scenario. If we talk about the supporters then is really plays a smart work in this section. We all are aware from the news that Reliance telecom is providing free internet because they're having a deal with the and then provides free internet, specially facebook as the same as Mark Zukerberg says. And if you ask Opinionically, Reliance having the worst internet packs in terms of rates and also the connectivity, Lets predict what if they improve their level of service, They're still supporting the league. And as we all know that competitions level between these background reaches at the level where every other telecom company tries to get in the same league and shaking hands with And as we know War of charges for using the internet pack is at its peak, whatever it is about 2G, 3G or 4G.

And Apart from that, Mark Zukerberg who is the founder of Facebook and also the owner of Whatsapp and Instagram, which are most used social apps/ networks all over the world. Facebook alone having 1.3 billion monthly active users. And now after the term of everything goes nothing but in Mark's pocket. And these exponential shows that started for a cause. And the Net neutrality completely opposes by the However we are wrong or right it depends on which side we are actually.

Talk about net neutrality, The father of Internet-"Tim Burners" also supports it. After all Internet was invented to give equal opportunities to everyone and that's the reason Net neutrality is important to everyone.

I hope this article explains why Net Neutrality is important and why is not. Without it, rich-getting-richer-and-poor-getting-poorer situation will get seeded in the service industry. Major giants will rule the industry and eat away the tiny yet quality mice.

Although people having their own thoughts and also their own opinions. So if any of the quarries or suggestions are there, Then we are here for you always.  And if you like this article than share it as much as possible Thank you.

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Monday, 16 November 2015

How to become a professional Note maker and learn important skills of note making.

“When ideas fail, words come in very handy”
-         Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

 Communication is recognized medium of exchange of thoughts, deeds and views. Written communication plays a vital role in an office, whether it is government department public undertaking or private organizations. The working of the government office is continuous affair. The officers may come and go, but the policy of the government has to remain uniform in a given set of circumstances. It is therefore, necessary to have a written record of the reasons for adopting a particular course of action in a case so as to ensure identical treatment to a similar case coming up in future. The ‘note’ thus helps in maintaining consistency and continuity to the actions and decisions of the government.
Noting drafting is the most common and well established procedure for submission, examination and subsequent communication for final order on a particular subject. There is a well established and standard procedure followed in regard to noting and drafting. The procedure may vary from one department to another but the basic remains the same.

Meaning of noting and making a note :

‘Noting’ means preparing a note for taking a decision on a case.
Communication in the organization flows according to the formal channels in the organization i.e. from top to bottom. This communication indicates the line of action to be taken in a particular case. Noting is a written remark recorded on a note sheet requiring a communication under consideration. This written remark called ‘Note’ and the procedure followed in preparing a note called ‘Noting’. Noting is done to focus the important points of a particular communication under consideration. It may also include an explanation if required.
‘Note’ means the remarks recorded on a case to facilitate its disposal, and includes a precise of previous papers, a statement or an analysis of the questions requiring decisions, suggestions regarding the course of action and final orders passed thereon. The ‘Note’ also provide a very useful guide to the officers who may have to handle the same or similar cases in future in as much as they reveal the line of thought and logic behind the decision taken earlier. A ‘Note’ contains facts and figures, rules, law, procedures and precedents, if any, as also views of other sections/departments, which might have been consulted. It helps the decision taking authority in taking taking a decision. It should normally comprises a brief resume of the case, the analysis/statement of the points at issue, rule positions, best course of actions, orders of any already passed on the subject. It may be in any of the following terms :

1.     Summary of the case.

2.     An analysis of the questions requiring decisions.

3.     Suggestions regarding the course of action.

4.     Final orders passed there on.
Thus the main aim of an office is to inform and guide the officers who have to decide the case and help them to dispose it. The note also serves as conclusive proof for fixing responsibility for delays or inactions.

How a note should be written :

1.     Recorded on a Note sheet.

2.     Even at least one word should be carried over to the next page, instead of ending the note at the extreme bottom of the page.
At least one blank courtesy sheet be added for further action.
The practice of the note in the offices serves a very useful purpose as it helps the higher officers to dispose of a case promptly by going through the note in which the main question or questions on the case and the course of action are clearly stated. The dealing hand who writes the first not on a communication should put up a case properly, by stating the main points of the case, explaining its intricacies, analysing the issues involved, citing the laws or conventions and lastly, making suitable suggestions regarding the course of actions or orders.

 Kinds of Note making :

Mainly there are two types of Noting. They are:

1.     General Noting

2.     Office Noting.

General Noting : Whenever an individual requests for some information or permission which is not very important in nature, he writes a short note on a piece of paper and sends to the concerned person.

Office Noting : When remarks are written on note sheet regarding communication under consideration and are sent to higher authorities for
approvals, this is called office Noting. In addition to remarks, office noting is also meant for getting some permission or approval from executives.

Office Noting can be of two types :

1.     Simple Noting – Noting which is simple and short in nature.

2.     Detailed Noting – Noting which is explained and written in details.

3.     Routine Noting – Noting which is done in routine manner.

Importance of Noting :

The files in government offices, public sectors and some other organisation often contain two parts namely the left hand side is a noting section and the right hand side is correspondence section. Its importance is as follows :

1.     Noting reduces the time at each level of formal communication while passing the orders or instruction.

2.     It keeps a regular track of all the development and comments on a particular case.

3.     The authorities come to an accurate decision on the basis of noting without devoting a lot of time on it.

4.     Noting provides a line of thought and idea about how the case has taken shape.

Finally When it comes to principles of noting following steps should be kept in mind :

1.     Complete i.e., it should answer all questions that have been raised and all other possible questions that may arise while considering the case. Answers to questions such as What, Why, How , When , Where and Who will help in making the note complete.

2.     Clear, i.e. it should be written, as far as possible, choosing short, familiar words, using short sentences, in active voice, and preferring concrete expression in place of abstract ones.

3.     Concise and to the point, i.e., it should not contain wordy expressions, or trite or unnecessary expressions, and should include only relevant statement. It should be avoid repetitions either of words or ideas.

4.     Coherent, i.e., it should be logically arranged, striking to one idea for each paragraph and linking together sentences and paragraphs.

5.     Correct, i.e. it should factually correct, figures should be free from mistakes and the writing should be free from mistakes and the writing should be grammatically correct.

6.     Courteous, i.e. it should express idea tactfully, without hurting anybody’s feelings, and emphasize positive facts. If apparent errors or incorrect statements in an case have to be pointed out or if an opinion expressed therein has to be criticised, care should be taken to couch the observations in courteous and temperate language free from personal remarks.

7.     Organised properly i.e. it should put ideas in the best order for impact, reflecting clear thinking. The first paragraph should state the main point followed by paragraphs giving evidence and discussing it, and the final paragraph should contain recommendations.

8.  Visually attractive, i.e. it should be made attractive by diving the note in serially numbered paragraphs, using heading liberally, and keeping the paragraph of six to ten lines each. Where possible use bullets and other lists, and leave a small a small margin of about one inch on all sides(left, right, top and bottom).

Monday, 9 November 2015

Apple Pencil - A Stylus with an Incredible Design and Technology

APPLE, as we all are aware about what is that name, that Corporation, Their Products and also Who is behind it, off course its Steve jobs. but after Steve Jobs. Apple doesn't roll back from their products and their productivity. Everyone Across the world wants an Iphone in his/her hand or its each products. Well, to creating that kind of situation, Apple has done an Outstanding job from the productivity to the Marketing. And still they were Launching Product which are Taking the Technology to the next level. and The Apple Pencil is now one of the greatest Technology by Apple is going in to the air soon. And that's why here we are to tell you about the Apple pencil. And before we go i recommend you to firstly watch the commercial of the Apple Pencil by Apple, from the given link below.

After watching above video we will tell you that what are the major advantages and disadvantages of the Apple Pencil. As we aware about that before the Apple Pencil there are numerous Stylus who will definitely compete the Apple Pencil. But we also aware of that the Apple pencil probably contains some more of the beyond technology that no one any can have till now.

Here are 10 Things that you Should Know About the Apple pencil.

1. Design Simplicity - Apple very well known for its simplicity. And the Apple pencil truly Shows that what the simplicity is all about. The Design of Apple Pencil is created by the Chief Designer Executive of Apple "Jonathan Eve" as the Steve jobs said about him that he is the Soul designer of the Apple Company, Then Surely He gives a really Great effort of creating the Apple Pencil.

2. Compatibility -Compatibility of Apple Pencil is can be a issue, Apple Pencil Only Supported by iOS 8 or above. then off course there are apple pre-installed applications like Notes and Mail, which will have Apple Pencil support comes under iOS 9. it's another considerable advantage isn't it.

3. Sensitivity - looks like the Apple Pencil having some unmatched sensitivity as we seen in the video. The Ability to sense the multiple layers of pressure which automatically sense that how much pressure is applied by the user to recognize the same input, as well as the angle and the orientation of the pencil. It promises to provide almost same experience like textural, sketching, coloring etc. The pencil that also allows you to use your finger to effect the screen at the same time.

4.  Easy Charging - Apple Has also done a nice job into this section. On the bottom of the pencil there is removable cap, and after removing the cap we will find the charging unit of the pencil. from where it can also connect to the it s compatible device. According to the Apple the Full charging of the Apple Pencil lasts long upto the 12 Hours. which is definitely count as a Plus point. It is also having a quick charging technology.

5. Slippery Design - Apart from the Unmatched technology used in the Apple pencil. a slight disadvantage of apple pencil is the slippery design. It is very difficult to hold the pencil for a long time as it is having slippery surface. And also it is very big task for those who having problem of producing continuous sweat into their hand. Well we wish best of luck to those people for the same.

6.  Limited iPad Support - Apple Pencil is considered to having Limited iPad support. Although it also known that it will only supported by the iPad pro or its Above Apple Products.

7.  Price - Price of the Apple pencil is considered to be $99 (U.S. dollar) and in t 6514.20 Indian Rupee which quite higher according to Indian aspects. But still as we know that it is worthy in buying because of Technological Advance and Quality used in the Apple Pencil.

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Thursday, 5 November 2015

Introducing the Android Marshmallow (Android M) :

Well, in today's era its real easy to explain what's android ? The trend started with the cupcake following the given below names :
  1. Android  Cupcake 1.6
  2. Android 1.6. Donut.
  3. Android 2.1. Eclair.
  4. Android 2.2. Froyo.
  5. Android 2.3. Gingerbread.
  6. Android 3.0. Honeycomb.
  7. Android 4.0. Ice Cream Sandwich.
  8. Android 4.1. Jelly Bean.
  9. Android 4.4. KitKat.
  10. Android 5.0 Lollipop

Now further the marshmallow is the one which creates a new benchmark in the android section. Following the api level 23. With the advent of android lollipop 5.0, the material design concept of interface took place. While usinh most of the UI efficiently throughout the system.

Marshmallow comes with a level of refinement to material design and it has sum of features intact to it.
Now you can include the most able google's apps and google services with whatever your development comes for.

Features that shape the new android :

  • Google Now tap
  • App permissions 
  • App drawer
  • Lock Screen Dial
  • Individual Volume Rocker
  • Highlighting
  • Easter Egg
  • Fingerprint Scanner
  • 4K Display mode
  • Themable Color State List
  • Improved Bluetooth low Energy Scanning
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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Here's the answer of why people don't Stick to their own set Targets...!

Hello friends , today i am here to tell you that why most of the people are unable to set their own "GOALS" in life and becomes the most disappointing person  in front of their own. before telling all the reasons behind it firstly i also revel that why i am here and writing this post and why you are here and reading this post. i am a boy who's facing the same problem after my graduation. and having no idea what to do next. and if we talk about peoples around us they are having various advising penal with them, and when you met with these kind of people they will throw all their expertise gems towards you, and that time you having no other options to avoid to giving all your ears to them.
and then all of sudden we have to clear the way first on which we want to travel.
Apart from that once i decided to do the thing that i want , its like once i went for job hunting ...hired myself and never look back..!
So lets find out and kill those elements which makes you to push back towards your goals.

1. Living in the past.- First of all you have to overcome from your past. seriously its gone friends                                            why being so serious with your past. its over, fuck all, and let there be a new life.

2. Low self confidence - Create a new you , create a new confidence inside yourself  predict the best                                           and extract the rest is still the best. no one can achieve what you are specifically to be.

3. Fearful of failure.- Dont fear of your failure as someone said very well if you want to increase your success rate double your failure rate.

4. Pesimistical approach - Be just opposite of it, be Optimistic. it will create good vibes around you.

5. NO visions NO imaginations- Imagination is the most powerful weapon that makes people stronger and stronger each time they imagine themselves positively..

6. Avoid new opportunities- Catch and read every opportunities around you and remember one thing opportunities never ends.

7. Fear of taking any responsibilities.- Take responsibilities it will make you more stronger from inner and outer. and never be afraid of confessing it.

8. Hate yourself.- Do just opposite, once you started loving yourself you will begin to know what you are capable of.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

12 most extreme celeb physiques of all time

The one who having killer physiques are class apart. the life with a great fitness and physique are definitely life of great personalitiy.and here we are talking about those people who takes this platform to great level and inspiring the genrations. Here we have some of selective hand picked and spotted the best physiques of all time.
1. Bruce Lee

2. Sylvester Stellone

3. Arnold Schwarzenegger

4.Jason Statham

5.Dwayne johnson "THE ROCK"

6.Scott Adkins

7. Hrithik Roshan

8.Mark Walhberg

9.Hugh Jackman

10. Chris Hemsworth

11. Tom Hardy

12.Brad Pitt